Lateral transshipment with partial request and customer switching

講座主題:Lateral transshipment with partial request and customer switching

講座時間:2019年1月3日(周四)上午 10:15-12:00


報告人:Professor Wenjing Shen,Associate Professor, Drexel University


摘要:A large body of inventory management research has been devoted to lateral transshipment. Most of the existent models assume that the unmet local demand will automatically request transshipment, and that the unmet local demand does not seek inventory at other locations within the same echelon. In contrast, we investigate a two-store retailer's inventory replenishment and transshipment decisions when those two assumptions do not hold. Specifically, we use a fixed request rate to model partial demand for transshipment at the shortage store and a random switch rate to model the arrival of the unmet demand at the surplus store. We characterize the optimal transshipment and inventory replenishment policies. We find that it is not always in the best interest of the retailer to satisfy as much as possible the transshipment demand. In light of the switched demand flowing to the surplus store, the retailer may benefit from saving the leftover inventory at the surplus store for the switched demand. The optimal transshipment policy follows a double-threshold structure when the prospect of the switched demand is not large enough; and a transshipment quantity of zero becomes optimal otherwise. While this research is mostly about a centralized retailer, we also examine the setting where the two stores make independent inventory replenishment and transshipment decisions. Through numerical experiments, we examine the impact of the random switch rate and evaluate a few simple-to-use transshipment heuristics.


主講人介紹:沈文靜博士,美國Drexel 大學決策科學系副教授,主要研究領域是供應鏈管理,以及營銷和運營結合。論文曾經發表在Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management等期刊上。現任Omega雜志副主編,Interfaces 雜志book review editor。